over the last few months i was racking

when the USA soccer team came in i crushed landon donovan, clint dempsy, and tim howard to complete the world cup preview SI

i got matt suhey ( former bears RB TTM)

Joe delano ( former ny giants kicker TTM)

colby lewis ( texas Rangers starting pitcher TTM)

Charles Barkley signed 1 for me in nyc

christie brinkley ( former SI swimsuit model) soo nice. signed everything for everyone.

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last few months

hey sorry i havent put up anything last few months.. this is how i did:

texans: racked. everyone was nice. got pics with schaub, johnson, cushing, head coach, derrick ward and a few others. got autographs from schaub, leinart, cushing ( supppeerrr nice).

swimsuit models: didnt need much but i got a pic with petra nemcova and the edge from U2

bengals: ochocinco signed 1 and took a pic, joe thiesman was announcing so i got him on 1 and took a pic, pic with matt millen, and pic with head coach as well

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last night i went for the titans

chris johnson has no class what so ever. complete jerk

got pics with kenny britt, frank wycheck, and hofer dan dierdorf

no autographs:(

o well

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(update) Sorry ive been away for a while

sorry i havent been updating but since the cards i have gone for the
boston redsox…. got nothing they suck at signing:(

rockies….. ubaldo jimenez is chillest guy in baseball so nice signed everying and signed 28 for buddy i went with!!!

usa basketball…. got durant on 1 and pics with russell westbrook, durant, Andre Iguodala, coach Jim Boeheim, rudy gay,

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last night ( cardinals)


pujols wasnt stayin at team hotel which was dissapointing but i did get mark Mcgwire on a card but while he was signing all the other players walked into hootel and i didnt have a chance for pictures 😦 but im happy with a mark mcgwire card.

i am away for a week starting tomorrow so wont be going anywhere for autographs. i will keep you posted when i get back

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so tonight im going for the cardinals after they play the mets in NYC.

from what i understand pujols probably isnt at the team hotel:(

but i am gonna try to get a ball signed by adam wainwright( who is nice from what i understand) and take pictures with a bunch of guys!!

should be alot of fun i also would like to get mark McGwire on two cards.

ill tell ya how it goes tomorrow morning

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St. Louis cardinals

Ok guys

Tomorrow I’m goin to the hotel where the cardinals are stayin!! Should be a lot of fun I need Albert pujols on a si cover, and I would love to get wainwright on a ball. I also have a bunch of cards for others. I will let you know how it goes!!

Signed city

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